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Top Security Solution Services in India | Top Force Security


In today's digital era, data centers play a pivotal role in housing and managing critical information for businesses and organizations.

best Industrial Security in India

Our aim is to set new standards of quality and service in accordance with the rising demands of the industry with respect to the varying security scenario.

best Commercial Security in India

The training is provided as per the needs of the industry in the commercial sector. The commercial segment includes Malls/ Commercial Complexes

best Retail Security in India

The fear of shoplifters and crowds entering and leaving the outlet can often restrict you from smaller details. We provide you with an excellent method to avoid them.

best Residential Security in India

At TOP IPS GROUP we draw a security plan encompassing the protective, preventive and security measures for building. The plan also teaches the personnel is the act of responding to a threat.

best Female Security in India

Hire Female security Guard service to safeguard your business and industry, Professional and trained Female Security guards have the ability to handle the conflict in calm manners can go where males cannot.

best Hospital Security in India

The hospital required armed and highly skilled security guards to account for the sensitivity of their work station. Our trained Hospital security guards are equally capable of monitoring surveillance cameras and CCTVs.

best Hotel Security in India

Hotel security services- We provide a professional Security Guard for hotels and Restaurants. Security for guests and their valuables, hotel employees and premises.

“best Escort Security in India

We provide high profile protective escorts for business leaders as and when requested keeping in view the level of threat involved in different situations.

best Campus Security in India

At TOP IPS Group, we make sure for a safe and secure campus environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Our professionals are trained to be responsive to life-threatening incidents.

best Bank & ATM Security in India

TOP IPS GROUP provides superior security and care-taking facilities for ATM / Banks. Our staff is highly and professional when it comes to handling the needs of individual ATM

best CCTV Monitoring Service in India

Security and alarm systems, CCTV cameras are essential for operating a safe business in today’s market, we provide you CCTV Monitoring service with high grade.

best Event Security Service in India

We put up special security arrangements for events. We train personnel’s in ensuring security at the main gates, main doors, receptions, etc.

best Dog Squads Service in India

We boast trained Sniffer dogs, German Shepherds, Dobermans etc which are trained in activities like tracking, guarding and patrolling.

best Fire Marshal Service in India

A fire in the workplace can have devastating consequences for both employees and the business itself.It can cause death

best Quick Response Team in India

In today's world, businesses must be prepared for the unexpected. A well-designed security system is critical for protecting