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Commercial Security


Security is being free from danger or threat. Doing any kind of business would mean that there are certain risks to it. Are you looking for the best and stress-free Top security services? However, we at Top Security are talking about risk to the business in terms of theft of inventory, raw materials, and monetary thefts. To avoid these kinds of dangers, we at Top Security Services Mumbai have brought to you a range of commercial security services that would ensure that you run your business without worries.

Business security : Top Security Services brings you the best and efficient security officers that are trained and well-equipped to guard your place of business. The security officers that we outsource depend upon your type and place of business. Top Security Service Mumbai understands that a provision store would need a different type of security officer as compared to the super-market. And we know exactly as to how we could cater to these demands in a famous city like Mumbai!

Business security systems : We also know that just the provision of a security officer would not suffice. You would need business security systems that would add up to the security and help you in the day-to-day operations of your business.

  • Security camera : Every business establishment, whether big or small, would have a security camera installed. This helps the personnel to keep an eye on everyone in the vicinity and therefore, thefts and other kinds of misdeeds stay at bay. Security cameras that we provide are reliable and have a wider range of coverage. What’s more, with warranties and regular services, we assure you that you would never want to deal with any other company than ours.
  • Security alarms : During the day-time, you could keep a tab on your shop/business premises. What about night time and holidays? The solution for it is our well-designed business security alarms that alert you or the people around if something is amiss. Now, this is something that every business should have on its business premises! This means that you can remotely safeguard your business with our complete well-designed system.


Security services are a must-have for commercial businesses such as malls, theatres, restaurants, retail outlets and other such public places in Mumbai. We know your needs and therefore, we offer commercial security services to you in the form of security officers and alarms.

Security systems : Every commercial business needs a different type of security system. Trust us to provide you security systems that match your business type. Our commercial security system includes video cameras with 24/7 surveillance and alarms that go off at the presence of an unknown entity.

The commercial alarm system that we market can supervise doors, windows, and lockers. Our alarm systems come in use for different purposes. We have alarms that alert you in case of fire, burglary and even unauthorized access. We also deal with access control alarms. It shows you who accesses your files or lockers and at what time. The best feature of these alarm systems is that you could control it from anywhere that you like with the help of a remote control!

The training is provided as per the needs of the industry in the commercial sector. The commercial segment includes Malls/ Commercial Complex / BPOs / Corporate Retail Outlets / Educational Institution etc.

Why Should You Select Us?

We choose tall, intelligent and physically fit persons as security guards after testing their abilities in their domain. Depending upon the skills, training, and qualifications.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we will come to you for a survey of your business and premise and suggest the best type of security system for you!