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Securing Industrial facility do's and don'ts

The industrial sector is an important part of our economy. As the market expands, so do the chances of workplace accidents.

The demand for security services is increasing to maintain operational efficiency and loss prevention. Industrial security aims to identify, defend and prevent threats to the facility.

Workplace conflicts, theft, trespassing, and other facets that jeopardise the facility's effectiveness are examples of such threats.

We've put together a list of dos and don'ts for industrial facility security that you can consider.

Do's for industrial facility security :
  • Implement proper policies -
    A proper framework and policy implementation are required to maintain effective control in the facility. They not only aid in maintaining consistency, but also in closing loopholes.

  • Install surveillance system -
    Security surveillance is critical. It is mandatory to plan security measures, especially in industries where risks are higher, to avoid/eliminate mishaps.

  • Train Staff -
    Staff training is an important step in securing a facility's staff. Training them on how to react in various situations aids in the reduction of risk. It also helps them feel more confident.

  • Take feedbacks -
    The staff has a better understanding of the requirements. Inquire about the security measures they recommend the facility management take.

  • Hire security experts -
    Bringing in security experts in industrial projects helps in risk prevention. Each industry has its own set of security requirements.
    A security professional with industrial security experience knows how to personalize and optimise security based on the needs and requirements of a facility.

Don'ts for industrial facility security :
  • Use of outdated technology -
    The security of a facility is also impacted by the use of outdated technology such as surveillance cameras and monitoring systems. In cases of theft, violence, and other crimes, outdated technology may make it difficult to obtain the necessary proof.

  • Allow entry to any unauthorized person into the premises -
    It's a big mistake if you don't keep an eye on the exits and entryways. It has the potential to cause serious problems in the facility. Someone could be hurt, or a thief could take advantage of the situation.

  • Ignoring small incidents -
    Ignoring minor incidents such as facility conflicts, the risk of theft can have a long-term impact on security. If a minor incident occurs, you must take precautionary steps to protect your facility.

After considering the above do's and don'ts, keep in mind that risk is unavoidable, but it can be minimised. Maintaining safety and security in industrial facilities necessitates being vigilant and active.