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From Night Watchmen to Trained Professionals: A Historical Overview of Security Guard Services in India

Having security is something we can never ignore or set aside for another time. If you look around yourself, you'll find security guards everywhere in your society, in your office, and in places you generally visit! Organizations and individuals hire security guards to protect people, assets, and property from numerous dangers, including theft, vandalism, violence, and other illegal acts. To act as a visual deterrent and uphold a secure environment, they are frequently recruited by universities, enterprises, and government and non-profit organizations. In the past, people were chosen to protect kings, nobility, and significant structures, which led to the development of security guards as a career. The function of security guards has changed over time to meet the shifting demands of society.

Being a security guard is a tough job where one has to go through strenuous physical and mental training. It involves risk; security personnel always put their life at risk to save and protect other people's lives. Nowadays, security services and Private Security Guards in India have high demand because of politicians, celebrities, and famous personnel like businessmen.

Like superheroes and heroic narratives that have restored people's faith in true heroes, stories of unsung heroes like security guards have been in the spotlight for decades. It's important not to ignore the history of security guards. A security guard's responsibilities include upholding the law regarding crime prevention and detection.

Most security organizations follow the maxim "detect, deter, observe, and report." Security officers have the authority to carry out citizen arrests and serve as legal representatives. Most security officers previously served in the military or the police. Along with salary hikes, security guard services in India have changed throughout time to attract more qualified workers, particularly those with prior military or police training and experience.

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A Historical Overview of Security Guard Services in India

The idea of security and protection was crucial for kingdoms and empires in ancient India. Kings and emperors used troops and guards to secure their palaces, forts, and essential sites. Religious institutions often employ security professionals to protect temples and places of worship.

Colonial Era

During British colonial rule in India, private security started to take shape by establishing private security agencies. These agencies protected British officials, private companies, and wealthy aristocrats. For example, the British East India Company had its own security forces to protect its interests.

Post-Independence Period

Private security services continued after India attained independence in 1947, and their importance increased with the development of enterprises and industries. As the economy grew, more private businesses and institutions needed security services to protect their resources and employees.


The private security industry witnessed significant growth during this period, with an increasing demand for security services across various sectors. The government also recognized the importance of regulating this industry and introduced the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act in 2005.

Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005

This legislation aimed to regulate and standardize private security agencies in India. It mandated the licensing of security agencies and set certain guidelines for their operations, including requirements for training and background checks for security personnel.

Modern Times

In recent years, the private security industry in India has continued to expand rapidly. Security services are now employed not only by businesses and initiatives but also by residential complexes, educational institutions, hospitals, and public events. The emphasis on security and safety has become even more critical due to the increasing threats of terrorism and other criminal activities

Technology Integration

With the advancement of technology, the security industry has also seen a transformation. Modern security solutions such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and biometric identification have been integrated into security practices, enhancing overall effectiveness.

The security service in India continues to play a crucial role in maintaining safety and protecting assets across various domains. It has evolved from a traditional part of guarding physical spaces to a more dynamic and technologically driven field, addressing contemporary security challenges.